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The Year is 2007

Like thousands of other human beings inhibiting the planet today I have made a new year’s resolution. I have decided to start writing down thoughts about the world around me for others to agree with, disagree with, criticize, indulge in, or simply read. I want to know how I think. I don’t think I really know, even after so long how I express myself through words. Hopefully this will change all that.

You see, I never can keep a resolution, because it usually involves doing something away from the computer. This should make things easy though. I won’t have to go far to fulfill this resolution and it will probably be twice as rewarding if not more. I’m excited to find just that out.

I have come to believe that one of the most powerful things a human possesses is the ability to learn from themselves. I see that everyday I see something or hear something that affects me. It is the outside world prodding me, trying to sway me one way or the other with its information or behavior. But I see that the way to understanding does not come from the outside world, it comes from the analysis of one’s self in that outside world.

Anyways, this is a hello, a “welcome-me-please-you-peoples” kind of first post. I can’t wait to start blogging. Good Night!