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Boy Hangs Himself After Seeing Reports of Hussein’s Execution


HOUSTON, Jan. 4 — A 10-year-old boy hanged himself accidentally on New Year’s Eve after watching reports of Saddam Hussein’s execution, the police and relatives said Thursday.

Family members discovered the body of the boy, Sergio Pelico, hanging from his bunk bed and called the police in Webster, between Houston and Galveston.

The boy watched television reports on Saturday and asked about the execution, said an uncle, Adolfo Chavez.

“He asked, ‘Is this how they killed people?’ ” Mr. Chavez recounted in Spanish. “We said, ‘No, but they did it to this man because he’s bad.’ ”

Mr. Chavez said his nephew had said nothing more about the hanging.

The next night, as adults prepared supper and his cousins played, Sergio went upstairs to his bedroom. Another child found the body, Mr. Chavez said.

Capt. Thomas Claunch of the Webster police said there was no reason to suspect suicide.

“It was nothing more than a tragic accident,” Captain Claunch said. “I think he was trying to mimic the behavior, and it got out of hand. There were no indications of depression, no problems within the home. He was very positive.”

The captain said Sergio, an only child who was in the fifth grade, had given his mother a belated Christmas card. “In it,” Captain Claunch said, “he says he will do better in school this year, that he wants to get her a better Christmas present next year.”

Captain Claunch said that the authorities were awaiting autopsy results but that he believed the death would be ruled accidental.

Mr. Chavez said the family would ship the boy’s body home to Guatemala for burial.


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The Year is 2007

Like thousands of other human beings inhibiting the planet today I have made a new year’s resolution. I have decided to start writing down thoughts about the world around me for others to agree with, disagree with, criticize, indulge in, or simply read. I want to know how I think. I don’t think I really know, even after so long how I express myself through words. Hopefully this will change all that.

You see, I never can keep a resolution, because it usually involves doing something away from the computer. This should make things easy though. I won’t have to go far to fulfill this resolution and it will probably be twice as rewarding if not more. I’m excited to find just that out.

I have come to believe that one of the most powerful things a human possesses is the ability to learn from themselves. I see that everyday I see something or hear something that affects me. It is the outside world prodding me, trying to sway me one way or the other with its information or behavior. But I see that the way to understanding does not come from the outside world, it comes from the analysis of one’s self in that outside world.

Anyways, this is a hello, a “welcome-me-please-you-peoples” kind of first post. I can’t wait to start blogging. Good Night!