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The Apple of My Eye: iPhone

We must learn to balance the material wonders of technology with the spiritual demands of our human race.“–John Naisbitt

A brilliant three and a half inch sleek touch-pad interface and screen, the simplicity of only one button, and the ability to make a phone call, watch videos, listen to music, surf the Internet, take a picture and organize your life, all in one newly unveiled product: iPhone.

The famous iPod creators have almost outdone themselves with this new and most certainly revolutionary new gadget. If the iPhone bodes well in the marketplace come June, when the phone will be made available, then Apple will literally revolutionize phones and multimedia technology as we know it.

Aside from the eye-candy and unbelievable capabilities and features, its success among consumers will rely on the most basic feature of all: the price.

While competition appears poised for a spike, both Agostino and Harris pointed to the pricing of the iPhone — at $499 for the four-gigabyte device — as high.

“If you’re targeting the consumer market specifically, then obviously consumers tend to be more price sensitive,” Agostino said. “I’ve got to question the early-day pricing strategy here.”


Note the 8 GB hard drive model will cost consumers about $600. The iPhone has given priority to AT&T’s wireless carrier, Cingular to be the first to offer the phone. Many market analysts are speculating that this all-inclusive phone will be out of reach for many consumers, and will more likely appeal to the business consumer.

It may take months if not a few years before the price becomes reasonable for the average consumer. When that happens, a mildly trendy advertising campaign and the name brand loyalty from iPod users, will be all it takes to make the iPhone a complete monopoly among handheld multimedia and communications.

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I will not underestimate the fact that no one needs this glowing sliver of a device, but I will tell you that my awe of the technology is grounded in the love of human invention and possibility.

Human Element: Creativity. So will you be purchasing the iPhone in the near future? Share your thoughts.