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Cable News Networks Make Me Sick

I have a video clip attached here that brought me to my first real post. The clip is a little old(July!), I know. To add to the irony in that last statement though is this thought: news is a product. It is either hot and now or it’s about Jennifer Wilbanks (who’s she? well, exactly). Watch a little Lewis Black for now.

Yes, so in this case this clip will be “out-of-style” or outdated, yesterday’s news. That is a problem though. How is it that “news” is only news for a few days, it seems as if no actual events–you know, things that really happen to real people around the world–are intelligently discussed on cable. No, we somehow get a regurgitated statement from the cable news networks anytime something happens. Then as you saw in the clip, it needs to be billboarded across the screen, then there’s the ticker. It’s so tired, how can the audience not be offended by how dumbed down things are?

But the news networks they will argue, “We bring in guests…experts and discuss the issue to bring a balanced and informative viewpoint to our audiences.” No. This does not happen. I’m going to argue that news is a product: to be sold to the consumer in the most appealing and gaudiest way possible. Therefore the translation for how news networks run their shows turns into something like this:

“Well you see, we bring in two guests, one is a liberal and one is a conservative (so we can heat things up to see who is more conceited and willing to sell themselves by trying to talk louder than the other, rather than to speak in a calm and rational voice) and we discuss (which actually for me, the new anchor, means try to look like a hero in the midst of a ‘hot debate’ wooooowee) the issue (which really isn’t one) to bring a balanced (balancing my career and selling my personality not to mention that new book I just wrote) and informative (try to fit all this in a three minute and twenty-two second ‘discussion’ while mentioning at least two facts) viewpoint to our audiences (who I know are too dumb to know that I’m selling them my book…).”

What was this breaking news about again?

Disclaimer: There have been experts on some of these networks’ segments who are actually intelligent. I only have to feel sorry for them as they become part of the network’s parade. Hopefully they will be able to be better represented on a different type of programming in the near future.