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Lesson in Education from Oprah

“In large states public education will always be mediocre, for the same reason that in large kitchens the cooking is usually bad.”–Friedrich Nietzsche

Oprah Winfrey has fulfilled a $40 million dollar promise to Nelson Mandela this past week, by opening the doors of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy to 152 underprivileged South African girls. Since then, the widely acclaimed, “most powerful woman in the world” has been criticized for a failure to do enough or the failure in her own backyard. I think such criticisms are only coming from people who still believe that money will solve the education crisis on this planet. Below is a sound passage from Star Parker’s article, “Lesson in Education from Oprah.”

… not to say that Oprah has a clue about what will work to help these kids. But she sure has a feel for what doesn’t. And that is simply going into America’s inner cities and giving out money.

Are you paying attention Nancy Pelosi? Barack Obama? Black leaders around the country who relentlessly defend a failing status quo despite reams of evidence that we need to do something different?[…]

Our education establishment has little interest in anything other than asking for more money to do more of the same. They may pay lip service to improvement. But, as we know, actions are the measure, not words. When those in control refuse to be open to all options to strive for the best, it’s clear that the best is not the goal.

Vouchers and school choice are the disruptive technology that we need in education. Oprah picked up her marbles and left when she was unhappy. Why shouldn’t kids and parents be able to do the same thing?


I say, yes let Oprah do what she wants, and let it be on the scale she wants. Like the opening quote emphasized, I believe that a single, beautiful and prosperous example of education, cared for by someone like Oprah, is better than hundreds of mediocre ones, cared for by a cheque.